Abroad Funeral Services Pattaya Thailand

Cremation / Service #1

Funeral Cremation cannot happen until legal issues are completed. However a basic funeral will start at 35,000 baht.

Abroad Funerals next of kin Service #2

After someone dies the hospital may issue a death certificate and if not the body has to go to Bangkok for an autopsy. However before this happens the Embassy of the deceased (UK, USA, etc) needs to be contacted by the next of kin, a letter is then issued, so that the body can be transferred to the temple for ceremony and cremation

Abroad Funerals translation Service #3

All documents are in Thai language and so you will need a translator.

More services here.

Make a Last or Living Will, Funeral Director Services, Cremation, Repatriation, all the legal stuff with the hospital, police, embassy. Translation of Death Certificate or other docs for overseas. Power of Attorney. Executor Services in case you are old, sick, looking after family, cannot get time off work. Thai888 Law can apply to the courts for Probate, sell the estate, empty bank and send all the money back home to you. One stop center for everything, including insurance claims in case of accident or policy

Talk about planning a Will and your assets here or overseas.

Thai888 Law registered Abroad Funerals as we found it easier for us to do everything inhouse and not outsource it. This minimises time, resources and money for friends and family in a stressful emotional time of losing a loved one. People dont want to be worried about everything when they are hurting.  Our companies over several years have fine tuned our systems and staff so that we can tell you exactly how when where things will happen, in English.

Kelvin Bamfield CEO of Thai888 Law
Abroad Funerals and Thai888 Law


If you want to save problems in the future – make a Living or Last Will. If you know someone that died and don’t know what to do then call us as we know. Don’t panic.

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