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Kelvin Bamfield CEO of Thai888 Law

“I was absolutely distraught at the thought of having to deal with my fathers funeral in Thailand, And I only had one week to get things sorted as I had to return to UK and my work! I didn’t speak the language or know the law but Kelvin at Thai888 law, was the most patient, kind and knowledgeable person who speaks English as well as having the benefits of his working partner being Thai, proved to be the most effective team going. I cannot recommend their services highly enough. Carrie”

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    1. As we said in the disclaimer this is not legal advice, however some people forget. This presentation was full of fun, jokes and fictional cases of what could go wrong at the time.

      Please take it for what it was – a day at the club.

      If you want to engage the services of Thai888 Law or Abroad Funerals then please contact our offices for a consulation with qualified lawyers and Funeral Directors.

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