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 “I was absolutely distraught at the thought of having to deal with my fathers funeral in Thailand, And I only had one week to get things sorted as I had to return to UK and my work! I didn’t speak the language or know the law but Kelvin at Thai888 law, was the most patient, kind and knowledgeable person who speaks English as well as having the benefits of his working partner being Thai, proved to be the most effective team going. I cannot recommend their services highly enough. Carrie” 

This review is so powerful that we registered Abroad Funerals Thailand to better reflect what we do.

Abroad Funeral Approach

Thai888 Law did the Full Director Funeral Director work by default as they are primarily a Law Company and a few years ago our partner company in Bangkok closed and we still had a duty of care to our clients. So we continued on and still marketed under the old name. 

Thai888 Law since expanded and now has 2 offices, several staff, Lawyers, Notaries. However we could not get listed on the Embassy websites as Funeral Directors as they said we were primarily a Law Company. Even Google was confused and had trouble listing us and getting us mapped. 

The best thing was to register Abroad Funeral with the Department of Business Development and then get registered at the Embassies ( a work in progress ).

Abroad Funeral and Thai888 Law Story

Our reputation has been built on Thai888 Law as we make Living Wills and Last Wills. Over the years we streamlined our operating procedures as we found that many living here did not have relatives able to come here should they pass away. We became the Proxy in Living Wills and the Executors in Last Wills. Meaning that more and more legal work was being done as an Executor and the Will has to go to court to be approved.

Also many times there is no family, or they are sick, old, or have work commitments and cannot attend for the funeral or court.

With our team now we can do all this work for you. Thereby saving you air plane flight costs, hotel and taxi fares, translators as Thailand docs are in Thai Language, etc. 

Meet the Teams

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Timaporn Supaporn (Jeab)

Founder & DirectorBusiness College Graduate, Sripatum University Law Graduate

Kelvin Bamfield


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